Tuesday, 28 May 2019

FIN_LTT week in Palefyto

Five girls and two teachers enjoyed the Great Greek hospitality for the week. Here you can read some memories of the girls:

Monday by Sara
"First school day in Greece. We had a small presentation for the school students. We danced "Head, shoulders" and The Santa Claus came to visit, and gave Moomin lollipops to all students and teachers.
Later on Monday I and Anna met Dimitra's parents. Dimitra's mother's sister put on our hair, and then we walked to the park. We spent the rest of the day with Dimitra and our friends playing ball games, and taking photos."

Tuesday by Anna
"Tuesday morning I ate toast for breakfast. At school we had presentation of marathon runners' healthy lifestyle, and eating habits. After that we saw some "Healthy Drama". It was very funny. We had lunch at school. In the afternoon we did some crafts workshops. In the evening I got sick, and I didn't do anything special. Sara was with me all the time. She is so good friend to me. We just did  some small talking."

Wednesday by Ronja
"In the morning we went to Giannitsa, to Town Hall. After that we went to museum and archaeological sites. After lunch we left to Thessaloniki. In the evening we didn't do anything. That was actually good thing, because I was so tired of our trip."

Thursday by Fanni
"Thursday was my favorite day in the week. At school we had traditional dances, and after school we went with my host family to a play ground there was really fun!"

Friday by Hertta
"On Friday we went by bus to Vergina. We went to a museum and archaeological site. It was interesting, but there was really hot.After that we went to Edessa. We went to eat. After eating we had freetime/shopping time. At two o'clock we finally went to the waterfall. It was amazing! So beautiful! We took there lot of pictures. Then we had little bit shopping time again. After that we had to go to a greenhouse, but we went only to a garden storage. After that we went to the school by bus. We went with Efi to another village to see Katerina. Then we went back to Efi's home. I packed and went to sleep."

Simo had also a good time in Greece. His week looks like this:

Efcharistó Elliniká kai Palefito !!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

PL Olympics

This is how we celebrated the Olympics in Poland. Fortunately the day was sunny and warm and we enjoyed it a lot. Have a look

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

FIN_ H@H Project Olympics

We had a wonderful day altogether. We did some sporty activities, and a big relay-race in the end of the day. Each participant got a "medal" in the end of the day; a mini-frisbee with the project logo. The pupils loved it :-)

Here you can follow our day:


Sunday, 12 May 2019


Dear friends , we’d like to show you our point of view about the Olympic Day. The purpose was having fun in the spirit of fair play focusing on the importance of cooperation among the players that represented different countries.

IT: H@H Day.

Our students involved in the Erasmus+KA219 Project have been very excited and proud to show their parents and their fellows the use of the blog and e Twinning platform. They have remarked all the activities carried out in Italy, in Finland and in Poland .

IT: LTT in Poland

Dear friends, here’s a video about our fantastic experience in Dabrowa Gornicza with our generous Polish partners. We enjoyed lots of activities and tried the Polish way of living for a week. Thanks for everything.

Friday, 10 May 2019

SP: Olympic Games

To celebrate the Olimpic Games in Los Califas, some groups of students took part in different games and competitions just to enjoy, cooperate one to each other and know old playground games from our tradition playing at street.
Other groups of older pupils played a handball match with teachers and we also participated in a common race all together. The main idea was enjoying in a collaborative way more than competing...

SP:Another Moment from H@H Day: 23 April

The World Book Day was another date selected at School to add our H@ Day as we also did the last year. Once again, all the students made a book mark. This time, it was decorated with our mascot and the message "READING IS HEALTHY" to interchange presents among pupils consisted on that book mark and a special book.

Resultado de imagen de reading is healthy

Monday, 8 April 2019


Resultado de imagen de AUTISM INTERNATIONAL DAY
The Second of April is the World Autism Awareness Day. In Los Califas School all the Educative Community (Parents, Pupils, Staff, SEN Team...) takes part in a healthy and collaborative activity also involved in our Erasmus+ Project around the topic H@D Day. It consists on a Solidary Race to become aware of the importance of sensitivity, tolerance, inclusion and supporting diversity through a No Competitive Sport Event. 

Our Hearts Beat for Autism!!!


MEDALS for the participants in the RACE

made by Parents.

CLICK ON HERE to watch the Race in our School Website

Sunday, 31 March 2019

FI_LTT-week in Poland

In March we had an unforgettable week in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland. We met our partners, learned a lot about Poland, and healthy life.

We also learned a lot about the warm hospitality of the Polish people. Thank you all 💗

CLICK: SIMO in Poland -video HERE.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019


This is a Presentation to remind some works to celebrate Valentine`s Day at Los Califas School. Some groups of pupils made different kind of gifts using our Heart to interchange presents with love words.
Click on our Mascot to watch it.

Monday, 25 March 2019

PL: LTT in Poland

Dear friends,
we'd like to show you our memories from the LTT in our country.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

FI_Heart Beats 14.2.2019

VALENTINE'S DAY is a day of FRIENDSHIP in Finland.  
H@H activity for the day was to get our HEARTS BEAT, and have FUN together.
We had a BALLOON GAME altogether.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

FI_This year WINTER with a lots of snow

Dear H@H-readers

We want to share the happy moments of snow with you. 
See the pupils making their HEARTS beat during the brakes from here: Greetings from Harjavalta

Thursday, 17 January 2019

FI: Healthy Christmas Sweets from Finland

We had one week, when the classes could TASTE, EXAMINE, and PREPARE healthy options for Christmas sweets. Many classes chose to do this activity. Here you can see some photos from the atmosphere of the days. Many children were surprised how good dried fruits can be, and how easily they can make some nice sweets and delicacies by themselves.

The 3rd class pupils taste dried fruit, and examine the calories of chocolate and jelly beans.

The 1st class pupils are preparing raw-chocolate balls with oats, dates and coconut flakes.

Fruit slices are dip in egg white and the sugar; delicious. 2nd class pupils in action!

Saturday, 5 January 2019

GR: Christmas sweets

Our students brought from home traditional handmade sweets which altogether tasted!!!