Saturday, 5 May 2018

GR Praise Week

Our school successfully completed the praise week from 23/04 to 27/04.
Several activities were organized in school and all students participated.
The activities per day were:

MONDAY: Strengths used: Loving and being loved
Students from the fifth and sixth grade created hearts and constructed the tree of love.

TUESDAY: Strengths used: Friendship / social intelligence, Kindness
Students from fourth grade performed the following activity:
5 ways to be friendly 
In this activity each group of students presented “a way to be friendly” in the rest of the class by dramatizing everyday situations where people show kindness and friendliness. The rest of class had to understand the hidden message of each short presentation and discuss about it. Our conclusions are the captions of the photos. 

WEDNESDAY: Strengths used: Prudence/caution
Students from fourth grade performed the following activity:
The secret friend game 
Every morning each student picks a piece of paper with a name on it. This is the name of a fellow student whom he/she have to take care of for the rest of the day, but he/she have to keep it a secret. At the end of the day they try to guess who their secret friend was and finally they reveal their identities. This creates a friendly atmosphere in the classroom in a very playful way.

THURSDAY: Strengths used: Love of Learning, Gratitude, Creativity
Students from fifth grade collaborated and cooked one salty and one sweet recipe.
Students from first grade colored balloons with things that make them feel grateful.

FRIDAY: Strengths used: Self-control, Forgiveness, Kindness

Students from second and third grade tried all week to do good deeds and in the end of the week they constructed the tree of good deeds with every day's good deeds.
Moreover they colored words of strengths and read stories of them.

A video was created with photos of all the activities.

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